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COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

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Our Healthy Bubble

safety, health and cleanliness a top priority

Tintswalo Lodges has always kept safety, health and cleanliness a top priority at all our properties. Now, we are simply taking an even more holistic approach to sanitation at the lodge that we are calling: “Our Healthy Bubble.” As soon as guests arrive at a lodge, we would like them to know they are in a safe, secluded haven — a type of sanitized health bubble — where they can relax and enjoy the beautiful natural settings, food and exclusive accommodation. Tintswalo’s Lodges have always enjoyed the benefit of seclusion — being set in wild and natural environments away from the city — so these new precautions just add to that feeling of escape and pampering that any good holiday should be about.

Moving forward we have simply strengthened our current OHSISA (Occupational Health and Safety Institute of South Africa) standards, added in a few new industry standards and finally, a few special Tintswalo at Boulders Healthy touches.

Table of Contents

Arrival at the Gate / Lodge
  • Guests will undergo precautionary temperature checks on arrival.
  • 37.5C temperature and over will be asked to isolate in their suite.
  • Sanitizing towels will be handed to guests and they will step on to a sanitizing mat.
  • Luggage will be wiped down with sanitizer before being delivered to the suite.
Advance Check-in
  • Guests are requested to check-in in advance before arriving at the lodge.
  • Guests will be asked to complete the indemnity forms prior to check-in.
  • All payment balances will be paid electronically.
Sanitizing Suites
  • All the suites are sanitized and sealed by housekeeping.
  • All reading material has been removed from the suites.
  • The keys and remotes will be vacuum sealed.
  • The guest will be the first person to enter the suite after all sanitizing protocols are completed.
  • Turn-down has been suspended.
Public Spaces
  • Safe distance of 1.5m is kept between guests and staff.
  • Guests will be asked to do daily temperature checks.
    Staff safety protocols will be strictly enforced with training.
  • Furniture has been repositioned to provide a safe distance in all our public areas.
Staff Etiquette
  • Staff will not be allowed to shake hands with guests.
  • Staff will wear masks all the time and guests are requested to wear masks on arrival and in all the public spaces.
  • Any questions please do not hesitate to ask the manager on duty.
  • Guests can order room service if they prefer to stay in their suite.
  • Tables are situated 2m apart in the dining room and on the deck.
  • Kitchen staff wears masks and gloves when prepping food.
  • All serving staff will have strict health checks done on a regular basis.
  • Buffets are no longer served.
  • New menus encourage less handling of the food.
Transfers To / From
  • Transfer vehicles will be filled to a maximum of 50% plus the driver.
  • Vehicles will be fully sanitized daily & fully stocked with sanitizer towels.
  • Transfers will be conducted with all safety protocols & only 4 guests per vehicle.
  • The outsourced transfer company will have high hygiene standards and will be preferred by Tintswalo.
Staff Training and Protocols
  • Staff will be monitored on a regular basis and have to pass the health check.
  • Training will be given on a regular basis to staff with regards to health & safety protocols.
  • If a staff member is above the regular temperature check, they will be sent home.
  • If a staff member is sick, they will be sent home to recover.
  • Guests that arrived from a flight, will have to adhere to the health checks on arrival.
  • If they show a higher temperature, they will be isolated in their room and a medic will be called.
  • The lodge needs to be notified of all guests forwarding information and travel plans.
Medical Assistance
  • All medical doctors and hospitals are easily accessible from any of the Tintswalo lodges.
  • Should a medical doctor be required, please contact the manager on duty who will make arrangements for the guest.

Coronavirus COVID-19

Health & Safety Protocols

You may request a detailed list of safety protocols from the lodge by contacting our Safety Officer. Alternatively you can download the list here.