Great White Shark Tour

Half Day

Great White Sharks are the world’s largest predatory fish, reaching up to 6 metres in length and are one of the most featured creatures of the sea.
The shark diving tour starts in Simon’s Town, just 45 minutes from Cape Town. A 20-minute boat ride will take you to seal Island, False Bay, where all the fun starts.
You will dive in cage for a heart-pounding 20 minutes while the Great Whites glides past.
From the boat, enjoy spectacular views of Cape Point, Table Mountain, Constantia Vineyards and the majestic Hottentots Holland Mountains ahead.

Highlights: Great White Shark Breaching

False Bay is one of the few places in the world where Great White Sharks can be seen breaching as part of their predatory behaviour.
Breaching is a special hunting technique used by Great Whites to help them surprise and capture their prey. They breach with such force and explosive energy that it propels the shark right out of the water.
The most active time for sharks to hunt seals is just before and at sunrise, and mainly at certain areas around the island.
The tour includes refreshments on board, diving equipment and qualified skippers.

Should the trip be cancelled due to the weather and safety conditions, the service provider will refund 100% of the deposit paid.


Contact us +27 11 300 8888 2 Days advance booking is essential to book this activity.