7 Jan


By Dave Jacobs
Around 12 years ago; I was given an opportunity to be trained by some of the best birders in South Africa. Ever since then, my passion for birding has grown and expanded and my knowledge has bloomed along with it. I found myself enjoying my passion everywhere I went. I collected many photos of unique species along the way; and my birding has taken me all across the country in search of new birds. Every area I work in, I try to see what species accrue there and what rarities can be found – this is how I built my knowledge on birds. It’s become a real love; and I genuinely have a passion for sharing my information to other birders like myself.
A Day of Birding with Dave
To start off; I wanted to see how many birds I could identify in one day at Lapalala Wilderness. We called it #lapalalabirdingchallenge. I started at first light. Listening to the dawn chorus with a cup of coffee in hand, I managed to identity quite a number of species right on the deck at camp. Next, I jumped into my landcruiser and headed to the southern part of the game reserve. The South is known for a variety of different habitats — all of which are great for birding. I started at Kubu Dam, a great stop to get water birds. Next, I decided to go to the acacia thickets for species that occur along the streams and open plains and koppies. After just a few hours of birding, I managed to rack up 88 species: including grey-tit flycatcher, African fish eagle, Green-backed night heron, greater honeyguide, lizard buzzard and spotted fly-catcher.
Then I decided to hit the northern part of the game reserve. The northern area of Lapalala has beautiful open plans and vleis with numerous grass birds to tick off. I manage to then get another 17 species: like step buzzard, wahlberg’s eagle, burnt-necked eremomela, Jameson’s firefinch, cape weaver and white-fronted bee-eater.
All and all it was a fantastic day out — we totalled a cracking 105 species. This is a really good total in any area; especially at Lapalala with it’s unique habitat.
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