Tintswalo Lapalala

Flycatcher Spa

Relax, Breathe & Be Pampered!

Tintswalo Lapalala Lodge’s Flycatcher Spa offers guests the opportunity to relax and be pampered in natural surroundings with only the sounds and smells of the wilderness.

Awaken your spiritual self where your experience with nature expands and deepens into an awareness of the unity between body and soul.

Trees in the Waterberg region are a tree-Iover’s haven and a Garden of Eden with more than 336 species in all. Some Baobabs in the area are estimated to be more than 4000 years old. Many trees and shrubs have medicinal properties that have been used for hundreds of years by African communities. Traditional healers still make use of many of these plants in treating a variety of physiological and psychological disorders.Trees of the wilderness provide us with pure fresh air and are the pulse of our planet earth.

Walk away with a sound mind, rejuvenated body and a peaceful spirit.