The Wilderness School

THE Wilderness School

Visit the Lapalala Wilderness school and see the exciting programs that are presented for the youth to teach them about conservation and education in wildlife.

The Lapalala Wilderness School is situated in the spectacular Lapalala Wilderness Reserve. Since its inception, a number of prospective South African ’conservation champions’ have been afforded the opportunity of a lifetime to gain conservation knowledge and skills to equip them to play a meaningful role in preserving and nurturing South Africa’s rich biodiversity.The school has grown in the last 30 years into a beacon of conservation, sustainability, education and hope for the future.
The vision was to help the children and youth discover the true value of the biodiversity ofthe natural world and to identify and nurture Africa’s future conservation champions.

The Youth Development Program has been designed to identify and mentor young, underprivileged or marginalised individuals with a desire to pursue a career in conservation and/or Employment Equity. The program focuses particularlyon black children who live in rural areas in close proximity to the school, and who have previously participated in one of our centre-based EE programmes.

Wilderness Scool Website: https://www.|wschool.org/

To book this activity call: +27 11 300 8888