Wild Dog Tagging


The African Wild Dog is one of Africa’s most endangered species and, as the Latin translation “Painted Wolf” suggests, one of the most beautiful to roam our land. Tintswalo Lapalala, in partnership with the Lapalala Wilderness Reserve, is intent on investing in the protection of these beautiful canines, with the introduction of the wild dog tagging program.

The wild dog pack that calls Lapalala its home is unique in that this is the last free-roaming pack in South Africa, having no fences to confine the dogs’ movements. The Lapalala pack has been known to roam as far north as Botswana, and so monitoring their movements through the farmlands, and working with the farmers, is of paramount importance to ensuring their safety.

Guests of Tintswalo Lapalala are invited to leave their own personal legacy by sponsoring a GPS collar for one of the dogs. The experience will include a three-night stay for four people at the luxury tented lodge, and allows the group an opportunity to participate in the tagging encounter itself.

For more information on how to help save the African Wild Dog, contact the reservations team.