26 Oct

The Top Five Tintswalo Virtual Safari Episodes

Since March 2020, Tintswalo has published some 130 thrilling virtual safari episodes, paving the way for online virtual wildlife experiences while delighting viewers around the world. After hundreds of hours spent with the Mbiri Lions, the Nharus, the Wild Dogs and all the other wonderful animals of the Manyeleti, we think it’s high time to publish a review of the top safari episodes since we first ventured out with our cameras in March.

Lion Cub Climbing a Tree

A magical sighting of a young lion that had somehow found itself up a tree with no way to get down.

Lion Cubs Follow Mum Back to Wildebeest Kill

This was just adorable. A lioness had made a wildebeest kill a few kilometers from the den site; and it took her a good few hours to lead the cubs to safety.

Red Road Male Roaring

It was a quiet morning with the Nharu pride until Red Road arrived with a bang!

A Rare Sighting of Five Cheetah

One cheetah in the Manyeleti is always a treat, but to get five males in one sighting is something for the books

Finding The Infamous Wild Dog Den

Finding the wild dog den was without a doubt the most exciting moment of the year for Neil and Alistair, and the pups provided such joy and fun for weeks after.