4 Feb

Why Upgrade to a Private Safari Vehicle?

Game drives are an integral—magical—part of the safari experience at Tintswalo.

Twice a day, in the early morning and late afternoon, you head out into the Manyeleti wilderness, searching for lions, leopards, elephants, and many other wonderful creatures and wonders of the African bush.

While drives are normally shared between up to six guests; some guests prefer to upgrade to a private safari experience, where they enjoy the full attention of their tracker and guide in their own private vehicle. We have increasingly found that guests enjoy this personal experience on safari; and so we decided to put together a list of some of the benefits of upgrading to a private safari vehicle, in case you might find it suits your preference.


Your own private guide and tracker

Your tracker and guide are such an important part of the experience at Tintswalo; and a private safari vehicle ensures that you have their full and personal attention for your stay, while they tailor the experience to your needs and loves. Having their full attention also ensures you learn so much more as their wealth of knowledge is not directed elsewhere. A personal guide makes the safari all the more enjoyable and memorable, and you leave having become real friends with your trackers and guides.

You plan your days

With a private safari vehicle, you can sit with your guide at the beginning of the drive and plan the day exactly how you want it. Perhaps you want to spend the entire day searching for lions in the far north of the reserve: that’s perfect. Maybe you want to follow leopards all day: let’s go. Or perhaps you just love looking at the little things, and want to spend a morning birding, then there are no other expectations to be met and you can spend a few hours looking for eagles and hornbills and robins.

Spend as long as you like at a sighting

In the bush, patience is always rewarded with amazing sightings. Some people love to spend hours at a specific sighting. In a private safari vehicle, it’s totally up to you how much time you want to spend with the animal. The lions might be sleeping; but if you wait a little longer, there’s a good chance they will get up and start hunting. When it’s just your group in the vehicle, you get to make those decisions with your guide and perhaps line yourself up for the sighting of a lifetime.

Bush walk instead of a drive?

Tired of the vehicle? With a private safari, you can take a guided walk instead of a drive. On a three-night stay, it’s sometimes a wonderful thing to break up the safari with a walk into the bush, to get up close to the little things, learn how to track, and soak up your guide’s unique knowledge. Essentially, your guide is available to plan whatever activities you like, without being held up with other guests for the day.

Make your experience worth it

More and more, we are seeing guests upgrading to a private vehicle, and they depart saying how happy they were that they did. Having travelled all the way to Africa; and arrived at one of the most magnificent game reserves on the continent, its worthwhile to ensure you get the best and most exclusive experience possible.