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11-12 September 2016 – The Thanda Impi Male Lions Tighten Their Grip on the Mbiri Pride

Lion (4)

Mbiri pride (2)

We had two sightings of our resident pride over these two days. One of the young females was found on Rian’s folly on the morning of the 11th. She spent some time gazing at a few Impala, and lazing on a termite mound, before moving back into the drainage line, where she joined the rest of the pride and both Thanda Impi males. On the morning of the 12th, two of the young lionesses were found in the company of a Thanda Impi male each on Catwalk west. Mating was occurring with both pairs. One of the pairs even had time to chase an unidentified male leopard up a tree, in between mating sessions.

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Nharhu pride (1)

The Nharhu pride, were again found just to the west of Main Dam, lazing close to Metsikitsoro plains. The pride was looking very well fed, and the cubs are really developing some interesting characters. One of the young males almost seems to be playing to camera, whenever a vehicle arrives. Constantly playing with someone’s tail, or rolling over and posing. A relaxed sighting, but great to spend some time with them!



Talamati pride (1)

We were also lucky enough to find our dominant pride in the south of the reserve, the Talamati pride. We heard some contact calling, while we were having drinks at bushbuck dam. After a 10 minute search, we found two of the lionesses, including the older female with the blind eye. We followed them for a little while and they led us to the rest of the pride. We enjoyed the sighting, as the sun set. Some off the youngsters started stalking some baboons, who were just starting to consider a good night’s sleep. Sense prevailed, and we left them moving north, deeper into the Manyeleti.

dsc_2846-copy dsc_2871-copy dsc_2876-copy dsc_2887-copy


Leopard (1)

Unidentified male

The only leopard sighting we had over these two days was an unidentified male, who was ambushed in a tree by the Mbiri lioness and the Skorro Thanda Impi male lion. He was definitely not happy to see us, and even tried mock charging us from the tree. The lions eventually lost interest, and continued mating. When they were in the middle of their passionate affair, the male leopard made a very quick get a way.

dsc_2801-copy dsc_2805-copy dsc_2808-copy


Other views from the bush

The general game sightings were again fantastic. Some buffalo herds were moving around the north of the reserve. The Hyena den on Civet road has been particularly rewarding, with three pups at the den: two older pups and one much younger! The interaction has been incredible. A herd of Sable Antelope made an appearance at Main dam, on the afternoon of the 11th.

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Until the next blog,

Darren and the Tintswalo Safari team