26 May

23-24 March 2017



Mbiri pride and Thanda Impi males


Both the Mbiri pride and Thanda Impi male Lions have continued to stay in the area around Old Pump. On the morning of the 23rd, we found them with a Buffalo kill. There was a fair amount of competition, particularly between the two males. It seems that after dealing with the Matimba threat, their coalition is under a bit of strain and they’re lashing out at one another. The rest of the pride just continued feeding, but more squabbles almost as vicious as the big males, also continued to break out between the cubs. The next day they were found only a few hundred meters away, on the western side of Old Pump. This area is clearly a safe place for the cubs at the moment, and the Lionesses aren’t taking any chances.


Nharhu pride


The Nharhu pride were again found in what is usually Mbiri pride territory, in the vicinity of the lodge. Lion dynamics are ever changing, and the arrival of the Matimba males might well have created the space for the nharhu pride to claim this as part of their territory. As the Mbiri pride moved the cubs north to avoid the Matimba males, so a door opened. The Nhrhu pride youngsters are around eighteen months old now, and so expanding the territory is probably necessary.




Beacon male Leopard


The oldest male leopard in the Manyeleti made a come back a while ago, and continued to hold on to a part of his old territory and was found on the afternoon of the 23rd, in exactly that part. He was found close to Manor house, and moved a little further north towards Xigamba pan. He moved with purpose, and we eventually found him feeding on the remains of an old kill. A t 12 years old now, who knows how long he can continue holding onto the territory.


Other views from the bush


The general game has once again been very good, and there were some special sightings. One that comes to mind was a massive storm on the afternoon of the 24th, and seeing a herd of Elephants in the storm with a beautiful rainbow to the east. Safari is all about moments, and this was one of those incredible moments. Besides some fantastic Elephant sightings, there were also some Giraffe, Hyena and other general game sightings that filled the time beautifully, between predator sightings.


Until the next blog


Darren and the Tintswalo Safari Team