3 Jun

March 28-30 2017



Mbiri pride and Thanda impi males


The Thanda Impi male Lions have continued to stay with the Mbiri pride and were found with the Mbiri’s at New pump on the afternoon of the 28th. The Skorro male had the love interest of one of the younger females, and we witnessed them mating on several occasions. On the afternoon of the 29th, we found one of the older Lionesses, alone at Lomfane pan. She was calling to the rest of the pride, who were seen the same afternoon on Nyathi drive, with the cubs present. You have to wonder when the thanda Impi males are going to move east again and join up with their other pride, the Nharhu pride. Have they abandoned the Nharhu’s or is it the small cubs that are keeping them with Mbiri’s for the moment?


Nharhu pride


The Nharhu pride continue to make some inroads on the Mbiri territory, as the Mbiri pride has moved to the northern parts of their territory to keep the cubs safe. With the Mbiri pride having the backs turned, the Nharhu’s have pushed further and further west, to the point that they were found at our pump house on the evening of the 30th.




Nompethu female (Ntsuntsu female)


We found the Nompethu female on the afternoon of the 29th, just to the north of Lomfane pan. She was stalking some Impala, and after about forty five minutes of stalking, we witnessed an incredible chase and she only narrowly missed. She then made her way to the east, towards mala run. Her brother the Ntsuntsu male was found even further to the east at Nkhoro pan.


Map for the Ntsuntsu male Leopard 28-30 March 2017


Beacon male Leopard



We managed to find the beacon male Leopard, just to the west of the airstrip on the morning of the 30th. He was slowly making hi8s way to the west, into an area he seems to have won from the Rhulani male Leopard, that area being the Nwasisontso drainage line all the way to the lodge. At 12 years old, we are still trying to speculate how long he can keep this up, but he’s 12 and still looking about as good as an eight year old. By rights he should be in a nomadic phase, without a territory. After a drink at a seasonal pan, he moved into the thick bush along the Nwasisontso drainage line.


Other views from the bush


There have been several Buffalo herds on the reserve, particularly in the northern parts of the reserve. Elephant sightings have been good as well, with several Bulls in the area around the lodge, and a number of breeding herds in the eastern parts of the reserve. The good rains that we’ve had this season, have meant that a number of our dams are full, and a pod of seven hippo have returned to Skybeds Dam.


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Darren and the Tintswalo Safari Team.