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Enjoy luxury travel to any of our lodges in South Africa and Zambia exclusive to South African Residents. Here you will find everything you will need to know about the Tintswalo Travellers Club benefits and how it works.

RSA Residents only
Tintswalo Travellers Club
Exclusive rate sheet for members
Personal relationship manager
Access to our concierge service
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How it Works

Join the Tintswalo Travellers Club

  • A minimum annual deposit of R60 000 secures your membership
  • ID Document and proof of residence/ utility bill will need to be submitted with the application
  • The annual minimum deposit will be used to pay for bookings throughout the year, including taxes, conservation levies, flights, transfers, accommodation and lodge activities.
  • Bookings will be deducted directly from your deposit.

Tintswalo Traveller Club rates

  • Members will be provided with a rate sheet exclusive to Tintswalo Travellers Club members. Allowing members, the lowest rate at each of our properties per season.
  • Bookings will be deducted directly from your deposit.
  • Cancellation fees apply

Plan your stay at any of our lodges

  • Contact us to book your stay
  • Our reservations team will be on hand to assist with your reservation
  • You may use your deposit to book any of your stays.
  • The full amount for the booking will be deducted upfront.

Your deposit

  • A Tintswalo Travellers Club member can top up their R60 000 at any time.
  • The Tintswalo Travellers Club member can authorise who can make bookings on their account.
  • Each year the R60 000 deposit will need to be topped up.
  • Once your R60 000 is depleted for the year you may still receive the Tintswalo Travellers Club special rate.
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