A Day in the Life of a Tintswalo Atlantic Guest

A Spectacular Welcome

Every trip to Tintswalo Atlantic begins with one specific scene that etches in your memory forever.
It happens the moment you first jump on board the shuttle at the top gate just off Chapman’s Peak Road, and begin your descent down to the lodge.

The road winds down through beautiful mountain fynbos as you catch the first glimpse of the lodge perched on the coast, and the wide blue Atlantic Ocean opening up beyond. White water crashes on the pebble beach, subsiding just meters from the deck.

As you wind down the steep road, with Chapman’s Peak towering behind, you are overcome with a feeling that you are about to experience something truly special.

At the foot of the mountain, the great big wooden doors greet you and the cool blues and greens of the lounge put you instantly at ease. Without knowing it, the deck draws you out, and you soak in the refreshing sea breeze, listen to the crashing of the waves, and marvel at the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Sipping your cool welcome drink, you can’t quite believe that you are in Cape Town, as there isn't another person in sight. Could this be the peak? But there’s more to come.

Off to your room

As relaxing as the lounge and deck areas are, it’s the Atlantic rooms that steal the show. They are a world in themselves.

Each of the seaside rooms is themed in the style of a famous island around the world.

As you step through the door to your room, it’s obvious that this room is themed in the style of Robben Island; the famous prison where Nelson Mandela spent 27 years during his long journey to freedom in South Africa.

The room is spectacular; a giant double bed faces two big opening doors that open onto a deck and the sea, and the waves crash just meters from the wood. Murals and images of Mandela decorate the walls and the sliding doors that open onto the bathroom have two small steel barred windows, reminiscent of a prison cell.

In the bathroom, the ubiquitous Tintswalo Atlantic shells line the tiling, and the elegant bath sits right on the wide, open window.

As you settle in, you feel that you could easily just stay here in the room for the rest of the time.
But there’s more!

The Restaurant in the Waves

The restaurant at Tintswalo Atlantic has become one of Cape Town’s best kept secrets, and perhaps one of the most spectacular places to enjoy a meal.

As you sit down for lunch on the deck, the true majesty of the surroundings sinks in.

There’s just something so instantly relaxing about being so close to the sea just before you eat, when you look out over the blue you are filled with calm and happiness and gratitude; and that’s before the food has even been served.

The food that comes out of the kitchen is in perfect harmony with the surroundings. Each serving came with a sense of theatre and drama, each an explosion of bold flavours in every mouthful, just the way it should be.

Time to relax
The pool at Tintswalo Atlantic is one of the quietest and most tranquil, relaxing and restful spots in the whole lodge—and that’s saying a lot.

Set at the far end of the property, with nothing beyond it but seabirds, towering granite rocks and mountains, the pool is a place to escape the few other guests at the lodge, and an open deck to enjoy soaking up the sun. It’s also a place to enjoy a dip if you don’t want to brave the chilly Atlantic.

Enjoy lazing in the semi-heated water, as the chill Atlantic Ocean washes up below.

You don’t need to leave here for the rest of the afternoon as Butlers are on hand to top up your drinks, and bring snacks and generally make sure you don’t have to do anything other than enter a deep state of relaxation.

Explore Cape Town

If you can tear yourself away from the lodge, there are various day trips you can enjoy while staying at Tintswalo Atlantic.

One such experience takes you around the entire Cape Peninsula. Starting at the Chapman’s Peak entrance, you jump in a shuttle bus and head towards Cape Point; the south-western tip of Africa.

After spending time staring in wonder at the two invisible oceans colliding into one great mass of blue, you carry on to Simon’s Town to enjoy the small beach town which has a charming group of endangered penguins among the boulders that keep you entertained for hours.

You continue your journey into Cape Town and visit the Waterfront Harbour for a spot of shopping, and relax and listen to the Marimba players as they perform their beautiful African melodies that drift over the calm harbour.

Sleep to the sound of the sea

Back at Tintswalo Atlantic, away from the humdrum tourism of Cape Town, in your own quiet corner of the Cape Peninsula, you enjoy a candle-lit dinner and reflect on what a wonderful day the Cape had to offer.

Excitement builds for what’s in store tomorrow.

As you fall asleep to the sounds of the crashing waves outside your deck, you realise that there is simply nowhere else in the world like Atlantic.

All the factors; the isolation, the stunning beauty, the food, and the fun trips combine to make this a day to remember.

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