Fireman Frank Forbay – Tintswalo Lodges Real Life Superhero


Fireman Frank Forbay was one of the brave men on duty during the devastating Cape Fire which destroyed most of our beloved Tintswalo Atlantic. Frank was fighting the fire at the lodge, when a gas bottle exploded, burning his face and hands.

Frank was badly burnt in the explosion at Atlantic andspent a month recovering in hospital. After being discharged, it was his wonderful wife Natasha, who nursed him back to health. It was only after the ordeal that Frank told us this story: When the explosion went off and he felt himself catch fire, his gut reaction was to jump straight into the jacuzzi! As Frank sat there, he thought to himself: “Ooooooooh, they have a Jacuzzi – this must be a really fancy place!”.

We are so incredibly grateful to Frank, and all the other Firemen who fought the fire, for putting their lives on the line to save Tintswalo Atlantic.


We had the pleasure and privilege of hosting Frank and Natasha Forbay for 3 nights at Tintswalo Safari Lodge.

Andre Kruger was their Guide, he ensured they had the best Safari experience. The saw the Big Five – amazing lion and leopard sightings, elephant, buffalo and a very special rhino sighting. At the lodge, they were treated to a relaxing hydro-bath lunch and complimentary massages.

In the African language of Shangaan, Tintswalo means ‘the intangible feeling of love, gratitude and peace bestowed upon someone offering you a meaningful and worthy gift’, and this is what we wish to express to Frank and Natasha. We loved having them to stay at Tintswalo Safari Lodge, and hope that they will come back again one day!


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