Inside Tintswalo Atlantic's Famous Island-theme Suites

Imagine visiting some of the world’s most beautiful islands without leaving the lapping shore of the Atlantic Ocean near Cape Town.

It may seem a little implausible, but Zanzibar, Antigua, Ithica, St Marie, and even the historic Robben Island are just a stone’s throw from Hout Bay—neatly lined up along the shore below the dramatic Chapman's Peak in Table Mountain National Park.

From the outside, these chalets blend into the natural environment, but walk into the rooms, and you are instantly transported into a magnificent island paradise; while the Atlantic Ocean splashes softly on the rocks outside the window.

Through the leadership and creative design flair of Gaye Corbett and her daughter, Lisa, co-owners at Tintswalo Atlantic, the team has designed each room with its own unique island theme. Having travelled to many of the Islands throughout her life, and fallen in love with each one, Gaye was inspired to use the colours, art, and decor of the destinations to take visitors on a journey via their imagination. With the roaring sea just meters away from each balcony, the rooms have an amazing ability to transport you around the world and back again as you step inside each space.

Tintswalo’s magical island suites really are a credit to the creativity of Gaye and her team, and the amazing power of design to ignite the imagination. So, if you have not yet had the opportunity to visit Tintswalo on the rocks, don’t worry. Below, we have put together a virtual tour of some of the rooms so you can get an idea of how art inspires design at Tintswalo.

Antigua, Caribbean  

Themed after the beautiful sunny, west-Indian island in the Caribbean, Antigua is decorated in typical Caribbean “shabby-chic” style. Antigua Island’s fresh blues and bright yellows will appeal to those who have a sense of fun and like to feel as though sun is always shining, even indoors.

Ithaca, Greece

The ancient Greek island of Ithaca, located in the Ionian sea, is the inspiration for this shady suite. Decorated in classic Grecian style, the space reflects an appreciation for simple pleasures and contrasting colours. This suite provides crisp, minimalist accommodation with blues and indigos offset with whites, creams and natural organic textures

Robben Island, South Africa

The Robben Island Suite pays tribute to South Africa’s first democratically elected president, the esteemed Nelson Mandela, who was imprisoned on Robben Island in Table Bay for nearly 24 years. It provides a quirky and yet very real reminder to those who wish to reflect on South Africa’s transition and the legacy that our beloved Madiba left for our nation.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Full of culture, colour and history that involves a collision between Africa, India and Arabia, Zanzibar is one of our continent’s loveliest and most popular East African island destinations. In this suite, we have tried to emulate Zanzibar's vibrant historical identity, which in the interior design with bright colours and unusual decorative pieces.

Il-St Marie, Madagascar

This beautiful lesser-known little island off the coast of Madagascar provides the inspiration for our most feminine suite. Striking in its inspired use of glass and light. The island suite enjoys a unique, subtle colour pallet, in keeping with the serene, Indian Ocean destination.

Cousine Island, Seychelle

Famous for the beautiful species of shell-fish, the wealth of fish and marine life. The aqua colours used in the design of the suite are reminiscent of the beautiful colour of the sea in and around its coral reefs.

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