A Space made for Mindfulness

You sit on the deck in silence, eyes closed, listening to the roar of the ocean crashing on the rocks below. The sapphire Atlantic Ocean stretches out ahead, as the seagulls and oystercatchers whistle and call from the rocks. For a moment, at least for THIS moment -- you are still.

As a space to relax and connect with the unending present, Tintswalo Atlantic is quite simply made for the practice of mindfulness. Almost all guests who visit the lodge comment on the immediate sense of peace they feel after travelling down the winding mountain road to the shore-side lodge. And what better place could there be to practice the art of mindfulness than here, sandwiched between the mountains and the ocean, on a remote Cape Town beach at the southern tip of Africa.

We believe there is a growing hunger for this type of deep, natural healing. And this is why Tintswalo Atlantic has partnered with experienced Mindfulness Host, Tracy Winde, to present a series of unique retreats during the upcoming winter months; aimed at helping guests connect with the ever present moment, and ultimately to enjoy experiences in nature that will allow them to grow and thrive in their lives back home.

At our Winter retreats, guests will enjoy guided mindfulness experiences in the stunning outdoor locations around the lodge: looking over the sea from our quiet deck, sitting among the coastal rocks and boulders, perched the beaches of the Cape, and meditating on the fynbos mountainside. All the experiences are focussed on creating a sacred space for intention and presence.

Some of these include travelling to the top of Table Mountain with a transformation coach, to hold meditation atop this 8th Wonder of the World; visiting the famed Kirstenbosch gardens to relax among the herbal flower beds; travelling to the Cape Winelands to visit the largest Spekboom labyrinth in the world; holding silent sunrise meditations; and becoming renewed through a powerful Water ceremonies held in the cool Cape sea.

To suit your specific healing and getaway needs, we are offering various packages from 28 May to 17 August, where you will be able to select which retreats best suit your particular space in life, where you need to grow, and where you need to heal.

Each retreat has unique experiences, and each day will be something new. All the coaches are passionate about mindfulness and using nature to reconnect and live a more calm and present life, and we look forward to taking this beautiful journey with you soon.

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