How to Make A Pink G&T - And Where to Enjoy It!

Surely one of life’s simple pleasures is the quiet enjoyment of a sunset, with cocktail in hand, with a loved one by your side.

With such spectacular sunsets every day at Tintswalo Atlantic; we have perfected the art of the sundowner. This month is Women’s Month, so we decided to set up a selection of pink cocktails on offer on the deck.

One of the most popular drinks was the good old African special - the G&T - but we gave it a special female flair and turned it into a spectacular PINK G&T.

With the warm glow of the sun sinking below the Atlantic Ocean, guests were buzzing as the pink drinks came out on trays and they whiled away the cool winter evening with warm hearts and minds.

<br>For your own Pink fun, here are a few recipes to light up your own sundowners.

Pink G&T Recipe

Lots of ice
Pink Gin (Musgrave)
Pink tonic
Slice of lemon
Slice of grapefruit
Use a big glass and fill to the brim with ice. Place a slice of lemon and a slice of grapefruit in the glass. Pour single tot of pink gin and fill with a pink tonic. Serve with a wood stirrer and glass straw.

Sicily Cocktail Recipe

Aperol 20ml
1/2 of fresh passion fruit
lemon juice 10
5ml gomme syrup
Brut champagne.
Served in a champagne glass
Place the Aperol, passion fruit, lemon juice and syrup in a mixer. Shake well and pour through a sieve. Top up with champagne.

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