The Best #TintswaloAtlantic Sunset of the Year

It’s a well-known fact that Tintswalo Atlantic has one of the most spectacular sundowner locations in Cape Town.

Perched close enough to the waves to feel the spray at high tide, the lodge deck gazes out over the cobalt blue of Hout Bay. The sun slowly sinks down behind the magnificent sentinel mountain, and beyond—the wide Atlantic Ocean shimmers into the horizon.

Every day, guests gather on the deck and toast their drinks and cocktails to another wonderful day in the Cape. Chatter and laughter echo across the private shore, and there isn’t another soul in sight except the twinkling lights of the town at dusk.

Every sunset at Tintswalo is unique.

Sometimes there’s just a touch of haziness on the horizon, creating a halo effect, or a burst of rays rising from the wispy clouds. Sometimes there’s not a breath of wind and humidity builds up to create deep oranges and reds. Other times, a south easter is blowing and the horizon is so clear you feel like you can see forever.

We’d like all our guests to join us in celebrating and appreciating our wonderful sunsets, and so we are now introducing a hashtag: #TintswaloAtlanticSunset. The idea is to capture all the beautiful photos taken every day at Atlantic in one feed. This way, we will be able to appreciate our guests’ photos as they capture their moments on the deck. Whether it’s a special moment with a glass of champagne; a group of friends posing for a photo, or just an artistic scene of the sun and its magnificent colours; we want to be able to see them all!

But it doesn't stop there!

At the end of the year, we will review the #TintswaloAtlanticSunset feed, and select the best photographs from a year of magical sunsets. The winner will receive a complimentary dinner for two and a bottle of bubbly.

Remember, there is no such thing as a bad photo!

Every photograph is intended to capture something special about a moment, and if the photo is not technically right, it does not matter. We want to see photos that capture mood, personality or something beautiful about the sunset.

In fact, the pictures don't have to show the sun, but capture a moment in time that best signifies a #TintswaloAtlanticSunset.

We really look forward to seeing our guests’ sunset pictures, and who knows, you might be back with us soon just for snapping a special pic of your holiday!

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