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Siankaba Village

Siankaba is a rural village located 25 miles from Livingstone, in the Southern Province of Zambia, where most people live in mud huts with no electricity or running water. Disease and HIV/AIDS are significant problems, leading to a large number of unnecessary early deaths.

Most are subsistence farmers, growing barely enough food to make a living, let alone support their children through education.

The U Foundation

The U Foundation was founded in 2006, following a visit to the village of Siankaba. It was clear that in this area, access to education was extremely limited and non-existent below the age of seven. The need to provide education became the key motivation behind the foundation of the charity, which focuses its work on providing schooling in Siankaba and the surrounding area.

The charity is soley focused on empowering local growth

The U Foundation is a UK registered charity supported by Leicestershire business, BVM Medical. This means there are no large administration costs or salaries to pay. All the money raised goes to where it is intended, and all costs to visit the projects are covered by individuals, not the charity. The U Foundation strongly believes that education is the key to success in helping others to help themselves. 

Mandia School

In 2006, a makeshift nursery school initiated by The U Foundation was set up, housed in a simple mud hut building.

The charity, working alongside the Siankaba Community Trust, has since raised enough funds to build and maintain a fully functioning primary school.

This can accommodate 180 children from pre-school to Grade 7. While it continues to maintain the Siankaba Community Trust School project, The U Foundation also supports individuals who, through a scholarship program, wish to progress to a higher level of education.

The U Foundation

Siankaba nursery school: Strength to strength

After the successful collaboration with Mandia, the lodge established a nursery school, enhancing early childhood education in the Siankaba community. This collaboration has fostered a successful learning environment, now supporting over forty local children, and continues to expand with sustained community and donor support.