A Healthy Bubble at Tintswalo Safari Lodge

Tintswalo Lodges has always kept safety, health and cleanliness a top priority at all our properties. Now, we are simply taking an even more holistic approach to sanitation at the lodge that we are calling: “Our Healthy Bubble.”

As soon as guests arrive at a lodge, we would like them to know they are in a safe, secluded haven -- a type of sanitised health bubble -- where they can relax and enjoy the beautiful natural settings, food and exclusive accommodation.Tintswalo’s Lodges have always enjoyed the benefit of seclusion -- being set in wild and natural environments away from the city -- so these new precautions just add to that feeling of escape and pampering that any good holiday should be about.Moving forward we have simply strengthened our current OHSISA (Occupational Health and Safety Institute of South Africa) standards, added in a few new industry standards and finally, a few special Tintswalo Atlantic Healthy touches.

Our “Bubble” Protocols. Transfers, Transfer Vehicles and Gate Reception• Like any good bubble, the goal is to stop any virus from even entering the lodge. At the arrival gate guests will be offered a homemade sanitizer towel and asked to go through a fairly rigorous few steps of sanitization. Including stepping onto our sanitizer foot mat, precautionary temperature check (37.5 C and above will be considered out of range), ensuring they have their protection mask on and finally a quick sanitizing wipe of the guest luggage and wheels.• Transfer vehicles will be filled to a maximum of 50% plus the driver. Fully sanitized daily, sanitized using a bomb every second day, fully stocked with sanitizer towels.• Transfers are only offered to one party at a time. No mixing of parties. We ask for your patience in this regard.• Outsourced transfers will only be arranged with companies following our similarly high standards of hygiene. Therefore, we cannot any longer reserve taxis on guest behalf.Front Office and Guest Welcome:• In order to limit the contact and ultimately making for a slick and uncomplicated arrival, leaving additional time for fun and relaxation, we have introduced an at home check in. You will be asked to complete your check in document including the indemnity and send back to reception prior to arrival. All payments will be processed digitally.Public Areas – Tintswalo Atlantic• Tintswalo Atlantic is the perfect lodge for social distancing. Spread out along the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, we have the space to allow guests the opportunity to move freely without too much interaction with others. The lodge décor and furniture has been repositioned with social distancing front of mind. Guests will enjoy the use of lounge and dining pockets thoughtfully positioned with the best views to enjoy.• We request that all guests and staff wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth when in contact with each other, or in the public areas. This is for everyone’s safety and peace of mind. Please know that underneath our masks is a big smile happy to be hosting each and every guest.Sanitizing and Hygiene Protocols for the High Touch Zones• Throughout the public spaces you will find sanitizing stations, with a variety of products that you may use with our pleasure. Please know that we make use of only the best sanitizers.• Daily sanitizing of the high traffic areas and high touch zones is completed as per a rostered cycle. These include but are not limited to the following:- Kitchen, public area door handles and public bathrooms every three hours- Vehicles daily- Front desk and credit card machines every three hours- Full exterior of the building twice a week- All our mineral water bottles washed and sterilized overnight before refilling- Regular steam cleaning of the lodge interiorHealth and Safety Concierge• Tintswalo Atlantic is proud to work with AGMS Global Medical Solutions. Should you at any time feel unwell and wish to be examined by a doctor, the manager on duty will arrange a callout in the comfort of your own suite. The doctor will work with the lodge and yourself and advise the best way forward.• Please refer to your digital room folder which includes details on all our recommended activities. Each one of these practice similarly high standards of hygiene protocols as we do.• Both guests and staff will precautionarily have their temperature checked on arrival as well as during their time at the lodge. No staff member will be allowed to work if ill. Should either a guest or a staff member experience a fever, we will immediately arrange to have them medically examined by Dr. Stephen Thaele.Staff EtiquetteThose guests that are repeat guests at Tintswalo Atlantic will know that our team of staff are warm and caring. Even though we will struggle to show this physically during the next period, please know that our hearts are warm and our smiles are big. We are thrilled to be able to host you at our beautiful Tintswalo Atlantic.• Staff will not be allowed to shake a guests hand or have physical contact with guests.• All staff are expected keep a good 1.5m distance from guests and each other whenever possible• It is compulsory for all guests and staff to wear a mask over the mouth and nose when in contact with each other, or in the public areas.• Due to limitations on quantity of staff allowed to work in a roster together, the team is slightly smaller than usual. However, this will not impact your stay. Should you wish to have more attention than that which is being provided, please do not hesitate to speak with the manager and we will gladly adapt.Guest Suites – creating your safe bubble• All suites are fully sanitized before check in by our housekeeping and maintenance team. Ensuring each high touch zone is focused on and ultimately ending with a sanitizing bomb – ensuring your suite is perfectly safe for your arrival.• All our in room luxury amenities are still available, however in a different more hygienically controlled presentation, feel free to speak to a manager should you require anything specific.• All reading material has been removed for your safety. However Reception has a variety of digital options available.• Once sanitized, the remotes, guest keys and other highly touched items are vacuum sealed for your safety• Finally, the suite is sealed, ready to be opened for the first time with you our guest. In order to keep your suite a safe sanctuary our host will no longer be walking you through your suites’ amenities. A beautifully detailed video of your suite and it’s conveniences will be available to you to view once in your suite.Housekeeping, Linen and Laundry• Our Housekeeping team will perform the morning room clean in full disposable mask, new gloves per suite and sanitize. These items will be disposed of and new ones put on for each suite.• Housekeeping cloths and mops will also be individual to each suite, to avoid any cross contamination between suites.• Our evening turndown has been suspended in order to eliminate unnecessary contact. However this does not mean the evening experience will be eliminated, our team will ensure this.• Our laundry service is performed by HYGIvit where each item of laundry is monitored by a tag to ensure no cross contamination of clean and dirty laundry. Linen will be changed every third day or as needed.• Robes are available on request from our housekeeping team, or alternatively new robes are available for purchase from the boutique.Bar, Restaurant and Dining• Once again to keep Tintswalo Atlantic a safe haven, all kitchen deliveries will be washed before entering the kitchen and only orders from suppliers practicing high hygiene standards are approved.• Kitchen menus are all designed with an immune boosting thread running through them. Think healthy, hearty dishes.• A hot and Cold drinks menu is available. Our new immune boosting cocktail menu is a welcome addition.• A larger selection of dinky wine bottles is available, replacing wine by the glass.• Menus will be displayed communally and sent digitally to guests. Allowing guests an opportunity to tweak the menu should there be something they prefer.• All dining tables are 2m apart from each other in a very thoughtful manner, setting the scene for a private romantic experience, allowing guests to select the table they feel comfortable at room Service is available for all meals.Mini-Bar• Guests are able to preorder and prepay for the items they want their mini bar stocked with. No returns unfortunately due to health and hygiene reasonsBoutique• Our Boutique stocks a variety of South African and a few other special pieces from around the world. We encourage visits to the gift shop and ask guests to refrain from unnecessary touching.• A gorgeous selection of PPE is available in the boutique.• Additional amenity kits and additional bathroom treats are available.• The boutique is sanitized daily and sanitizer bombed every third day.Spa• Until further notice we will no longer offer a spa service as this is outsourced and we feel we cannot with 100% confidence control the protocols applied during this service.Thank You for taking the time to read and understand the steps taken to ensure Tintswalo Atlantic stays a healthy and peaceful haven at the foot of Chapmans Peak.We trust that each of these steps is well received, however should you have any concerns, we are always available for a chat and will happily work together with you to ensure your stay is a stress free and safe one.

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