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#myTintswalo is a new social media initiative that aims to highlight the beautiful emotional connections, cherished memories, and the unparalleled service that our staff, as well as our guests, hold dear.This initiative provides you with a chance to share your best #myTintswaloExperience photos, videos, and stories on social media.In return, we promise to share our #myTintswaloStory, detailing the journey from its beginnings to where we stand today.We also promise to share our #myTintswaloLodge, to show you the shared qualities that bind the Tintswalo lodges together, as well as the distinctiveness that makes each lodge special and unique.Join the #myTintswaloExperienceWe at Tintswalo are beyond excited to look back on all the amazing memories that we have shared over the years and will continue to share with all of you.Therefore, we kindly ask you to share all of your favourite and dearest memories using the #myTintswaloExperience on social media. We will be resharing your stories with the rest of the amazing community that we have built together.Where #myTintswaloExperience Becomes a Heartfelt Journey#myTintswaloExperience revolves around the idea that the Tintswalo lodges are not only places of accommodation but are, in fact, sanctuaries that evoke meaningful sentiments, exceptional moments, and create lasting impressions.In essence, #myTintswaloExperience is a heartwarming journey into the soul of Tintswalo lodges.It's a celebration of love and gratitude from us to you.

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